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Aidan Williams

University of Dundee School of Architecture
Ph.D. Second year

Our perception of a given space is driven by its sensorial qualities but also by the memories and associations that we hold as individuals. Built up over the course of our lives these associations provide us with an encyclopaedia of individual spatial triggers, to the extent that it can be argued that we each perceive subtly distinct realities. Norberg-Schulz (1971), Lynch (1960) and Bachelard (1994) assert that, thought of in this way, spatial awareness cannot be discussed purely in formal concrete terms.

My research explores spatial memory and perception of 'Rootedness' to place through an ongoing design-led Ph.D. in Art, Architecture and Philosophy, thesis entitled 'Architecture and an Inherent Desire for Ecology'.

Through analogue processes of drawing, photographic study, physical modeling, architectural design projects, site survey, recorded experience and critical engagement with texts the whole is intended to be more meaningful than the sum of its parts.

Rootedness' is inherently non-objective and can be described as the sensation of knowing and belonging to a place. It is therefore concerned with the physical and emotional sense of home and memory’s temporal as well as spatial qualities.

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