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Sam Thomson

Sam Thomson is a teacher, researcher, artist, and writer. She is the Co-ordinator of Engagement with Schools, Colleges and Community in the Faculty of Creative Arts at the University of the West of England, where she is responsible for developing relationships between the faculty and arts education organisations in the region.

As Chair of Knowle West Media Centre, she is currently working on the ‘University of Local Knowledge’ a collaborative project between KWMC and artist Suzanne Lacy Her arts practice is interdisciplinary, concerned with people, context, accessibility and often challenges notions of authenticity and authority.

Sam edited a publication (published in Autumn 2010) which included a collection of essays exploring the impact of a shifting political climate on the future of arts funding for socially-engaged arts practices. She worked with artist Simon Poulter to edit ‘Collapsing the Gap: The Politics of Art & Regeneration,’ a collection of six essays examining the increasingly complex relationship between culture and regeneration and in 2008 edited ‘Blueboard,’ a Community Media South West publication which offers an introduction to the ways in which partnership work between creative media practitioners and schools can enhance the learning opportunities of children and young people

Sam’s current research examines the validity and utility of level as applied to art and design education. She has a specific interest in the relationships between formal arts education and informal learning environments and speaks widely on the relationships between arts, community and education as well as the politics of socially-engaged arts practices.

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Sam Thomson
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