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Rebecca Krinke

Rebecca Krinke is a multimedia artist working in sculpture, installations, and site art. In broad terms, her work deals with issues related to trauma and recovery - moving from individuals to societies to ecosystems and back again. Krinke’s sculpture has focused on embodying trauma - using the body as a starting point - while her installations and site works have focused on ideas of recovery - through contemplative, transformative environments. She disseminates her work through gallery shows and temporary and permanent public works.

Krinke’s most recent projects have moved into the realm of participatory public artworks that use writing, mapping, and talking as ways of public engagement/catharsis. For example, her work Unseen/Seen: The Mapping of Joy and Pain travelled to parks in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota (USA) in the summer of 2010. The public was invited to color, on a large wooden map, where they have experienced joy (in gold) and pain (in gray). Participants talked aloud as they mapped and shared intense stories of joy and pain, mostly pain - highlighting the potential for new objects and spaces to address and transform pain.

This project also serves as a larger description of her interest in “emotional mapping” - something that seems forgotten when one thinks of maps, but not when one remembers - in memory, space and emotion strongly intertwine.

Krinke's published works also address the trauma-recovery dialectic and include: Contemporary Landscapes of Contemplation (editor) and chapters in Manufactured Sites: Rethinking the Post-Industrial Landscape. She is Professor of Landscape Architecture, College of Design, at the University of Minnesota.

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