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Rebecca Krinke

Rebecca Krinke is an artist, designer, and academic; her practice works across sculpture, interior installations, public art, and social practice, creating spaces, objects, and encounters. In broad terms, her work deals with issues related to trauma and recovery - moving from individuals to societies to ecosystems and back again. Rebecca’s sculpture has focused on embodying trauma - using the body as a starting point - while her installations and site works have focused on ideas of recovery - through contemplative, transformative environments. She now often says of her practice: “I work in wonder and terror.” These seem to be the fundamental and paradoxical aspects of being alive.

Rebecca disseminates her work through gallery shows and temporary and permanent public works. Her most recent projects have moved into the realm of temporary, participatory public artworks that use writing, mapping, and talking as ways of public engagement/catharsis. This work includes: Black Box Camera Obscura, What Needs to Be Said?, Flood Stories, and Unseen/Seen: The Mapping of Joy and Pain in Minneapolis-St. Paul. The public art program in Sacramento, CA recently commissioned her to create an augmented reality project.

Rebecca’s genesis as an artist was a powerful dream/nightmare she had as an adult. A recent potent dream featuring a bird, a bed, and an initiation launched her current body of work: she has created several installations (both outdoors and indoors) using the same 4-poster bed as a starting point. She has also hosted dream collecting/sharing/exhibition events. Almost 500 dreams were collected under her surreal bed sculpture at the Northern Spark Festival in 2015. She believes that there is power in this art that brings the privacy of bed, sleeping, and dreaming to a public space.

This work and her larger practice is both highly personal and collective – as it asks questions into the domestic and the undomesticated, animal and human, struggle, growth, beauty, stress, trauma, coping - what is private and what is public, what is spoken or unspoken, seen or unseen.

Current work and affiliations:
Artist-in-residence, Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, MN, 2016-17.
Core member, Healing Place Collaborative, an indigenous-led group focused on healing people and place. She is   working collaboratively to create the Dakota Language Table, which will be a place, object, and encounter to learn of   Dakota homeland, language, history, and healing.
Member, Mapping Spectral Traces
Member, Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
Professor of Landscape Architecture, College of Design, University of Minnesota

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