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PLaCE Visiting Speaker Series 2011: Angela Piccini & Greg Bailey

Angela Piccini
PLaCE/LAND2 Speaker Series 2011-2012
Thursday 27th October 2011

Angela Piccini & Greg Bailey
Part 1: One Thing and Another: material conversations and archaeological views
Drama Department, Bristol University

Greg Bailey and Angela Piccini discuss archaeological imaginations, the moving image and the production of place and space. How do archaeological methods that focus on multiscalar material engagement inform a range of moving image practices that span documentary and artist films? What space is there for the errant archaeologist to encroach upon the well-trodden and clearly marked territories of artists’ uses of film and video to respond to site, locale, place?

Angela Piccini is Senior Lecturer in Screen Studies and Head of Education in Drama: Theatre, Film, Television. Her work focuses on the entanglements of fact and fiction in documentary screenworks. She is specifically interested in the ways in which the materialized traces of the past – the sense of old things – perform on screen.

Greg Bailey’s research focuses on the social impacts of archaeology in the public sphere and his PhD (Bristol University) is based in Archaeology and Anthropology and in Drama developing research from his MA in Archaeology for Screen Media to investigate modes of televisual archaeology and experimental filmmaking. These lectures are free and booking is not required.

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