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Orr and Sweeney

Rachel Sweeney and Marnie Orr are dance ecologists whose physical approach to land aims to promote sensate dialogues though a critically responsive practice based on tactical and tactile performance modalities. Their dance practice generates forums within which individuals from stated and/or specialist disciplines generate and share innovative ways of experiencing knowledge practices through exposing the lived sense body and texturality.

These forums bring together professionals from land sciences and various arts disciplines, articulating strategies in body-land relations and developing methods for cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary practices based on themes of adaptation and sustainability. Their interdisciplinary research practice is steered through a transnational terrain inquiry, co-facilitated through residential research intensives in remote and regional locations in UK and Australia.

Orr and Sweeney’s work seeks to expand upon current knowledge practices in body–place relations both within and beyond the arts community to include land sciences and enterprise, with the aim of finding a way through established discourse, in the promotion of physical and verbal tools for real change in the physical world.

Ongoing projects have been supported by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts, Perth, the Centre for Sustainable Futures, University of Plymouth, the Centre for Contemporary Arts and the Natural World, Devon, UK and SymbioticA arts science partnership, University of Western Australia.

Dr Rachel Sweeney has held research posts through the Centre for Sustainable Futures, University of Plymouth (2007/08) and the Australian National University (2012) is currently the Acting Head of Dance at Liverpool Hope University UK.

Marnie Orr has taught at the Centre for Performance Research, Aberystwyth Wales, Liverpool Hope University and the Western Australian Academy for Performing Arts (WAAPA) in Perth. She is currently completing a research MA Professional Practice (Site-Based Dance) out of Middlesex University London.

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