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   News & Events 2009

PLaCE to assist Bristol City Council to address flood risk management Dr Victoria Walters Appointmented
PLaCE 0.8 Research Associate

November 2009

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Professor Paul Gough invited to join the Board of Directors of Countryside and Community Research Instutute Yvonne Buchheim recieves SAFLE funding to support the publication of Song Archive Project book

Further details
Place Visiting Speaker Series 2011 Dan Shipsides awarded AHRC Research Grant for "Echo Valley /
A Guiding Dilemma"

October 2009

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PLaCE Sustainability Lecture and Film Series 2010 One Day Sculpture wins Massey University Research Award

October 2009

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PLaCE Visiting Speaker Series 2010 Sarah Dobai: Works/Projects
Studio/location photographs

Curated by Simon Morrissey

2 May - 13th June 2009

Further details
Roy Voss in Aspen Re Collection Fieldwork
An exhibition exploring concepts of place and landscape

3 March - 18th April 2009

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