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Jez Hattosh-Nemeth

I was taught bushcraft as a child in the wild places of Canada and Australia. Some of my earliest memories are of following wolf tracks on snowshoes. It was this upbringing that instilled my fascination of interpreting landscapes. From the materials that compose it, to the human and animal histories that have left their imprints and stories on its surface and within its pages.

It’s where tracks, traces and personal geographies intertwine that I find opportunities to respond to spaces by tracing lines and revealing language, which can expose their narrative. Journey and walking have become a core part of my practice, as have the concepts of mapping, bridging and connecting spaces either through personal or collaborative experience.

Jez's recent works include ‘Sealine’ public group performance line drawing over 4 miles, Cardiff (2009) and ‘Tideline at 100 paces: Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah’ (2010- continuing)

A founding member of Miranda Rights the group performed interactive dance performances at Nottingham Digital Cultures/Radiator festival (2007), ‘L’instant decisif’ Central Academy of arts Beijing & Shanghai centre of arts (2005), Arts residency Geottelborn, Saarland (2004), ‘Dead East Dead West’ ICA London (2002) ‘Voice’ interactive CGI animation performance using voice recognition software and instruments, University of Wales Newport (2001)

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Jez Hattosh-Nemeth
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