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Mel Shearsmith

Mel Shearsmith is an artist whose work focuses primarily on investigations of the body and language. She trained at Dartington College of Arts in performance where her initial research prioritized the body, site and language (especially écriture féminine) and the notion of embodied text. Her practice has developed to include working with film in installation in order to explore spatial participation, and the performance of embodied interactions to challenge expected behavioural norms in specific settings (i.e. gallery spaces, urban streets and a variety of public spaces). Through performance and video she draws from strategies in other disciplines, re-employing them in different contexts as a means to question and dislodge the ‘expected’ and bring the experience closer to the audience.

Mel completed her research Masters at the University of the West of England and is currently researching the area of translation (transformation) as a bridge between the live/recorded and the live/written that crosses between her works. These current pre-occupation attempts to investigate ‘liveness/aliveness’ and interrogate how this inter-textual exchange has the potential to open and transform one art form as it moves across and into another incarnation.

Mel’s video, installation and performance work has been exhibited in Minnesota, Holland, Budapest, Dublin and around the UK at venues including The Place (London), the Arnolfini, Picture This and the Watershed in Bristol, she is also a member of Land2 and the Mapping Spectral Traces network. Mel is artist in residence at Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire.

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