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PLaCE Visiting Speaker Series 2009: Claire King & Antony Lyons

PLaCE/LAND2 Speaker Series 2009
Claire King & Antony Lyons
In Converstion (part 1)
Thursday 6th May 2010

Claire King is an artist and a part-time PhD student at UWE. She has a technological background in research and development of software systems and computer science. Her visual arts practice is primarily concerned with place and since 2003, she has been working in the locale of the Avon Valley, focusing on how embodied experiences of place can be articulated via the strategies of a contemporary hybrid art practice. Her current work is concerned with the roles of human and non-human agents in landscape and place. She is developing work that utilises the processes of decay, via digital print media and natural materials.

Antony Lyons is an artist and environmental designer. His work is concerned with deep exploration of places and cross-fertilization among the realms of art and environmental design. Visual art and sculpture play a role. In these projects there is a core thread of responding to, and in turn transforming, the landscape setting. For Antony, Deep-Mapping can be seen as a re-mixing of a place, a re-visiting of identity. It is a fusing of art, history, play, sacred geography, memory, language, landscape interpretation and more. Antony is currently working on a year-long residency in Co Donegal, Ireland.

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