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PLaCE Visiting Speaker Series 2012 -13 : Owain Jones & Antony Lyons

Owain Jones & Antony Lyons
PLaCE/LAND2 Speaker Series 2012-2013
Thursday 31st January 2013
Running Time: 1:08.56mins

Owain Jones & Antony Lyons : The Aliveness of Rivers - tides, dams and overlapping watery journeys
The Severn Estuary is not a ‘dammed landscape’, but has been the focus of intensified attention in recent years, with the resurgent proposals for a mega ‘barrage’ (dam). A focus on the Severn is an opportunity to engage with dialogues and imaginings of what may soon undergo change, or be lost (e.g. habitats, tidal rhythms, personal connections) - either as a result of the barrage construction, or sea level rise, or both.

Owain Jones is co-ordinator of an international arts and humanities exchange programme between the Severn Estuary and the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands, titled ‘Between the Tides’. Whilst there is heightened policy and scientific focus on these coastlines, there is little attention on themes stemming from the arts and humanities communities. This international encounter will establish a long term community of researchers who work with various aspects of tidal
coastal areas, spanning the UK, the Netherlands and beyond. Antony Lyons is one of the participating artists, as are others whose tidal involvements are featured in the online ‘Art Atlas of the Severn Estuary’.

Antony Lyons has a long history of working with water/tidal landscapes - as both an environmental scientist and artist. He is currently developing a new project on the subject of ‘Inundation’, involving dammed and drowned landscapes. He will be exploring diverse dam/reservoir settings, and some of their echoes of tensions, ecological impacts, social (in)justice, politics and indigenous rights. Landscapes flooded by reservoirs (and other drowned lands) play host to heightened imaginative and emotional associations - and not only for those immediately affected..

Jones and Lyons will present details of collaborative and solo projects, all intimately connected with water environments and processes. These are trans-disciplinary initiatives, combining visual/sonic art, science, cultural geography and much more. They first collaborated on a 2010 paper/presentation on the subject of Bristol’s enduring and inextricable relationship with the tidal flow of the River Avon.

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