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Judith Dean

Judith Dean writes in relation to her recent work:

The Poetry Society, throughout its centenary year (2009), was invaded by Rome. An invitation to exhibit was understood as an invitation to occupy.

Invasion is not annihilation, but can be messy and involves negotiation. Art, poetry, Rome collided; both superficial and in-depth engagement took place.

Rome is a foundation of British history. Imperial pasts merge. Civilizations rise and fall. Ciao. Rome could be built in a day after all.

In the early days of the invasion and some things disappeared. Memorials replaced them, so as not to forget. Some things reappeared: memory and presence co-existed. Other things were replaced, not the same, moved. New arrivals arrived. Conditions simultaneously hampered and facilitated progress.

Some things went on loan to other projects, or were removed for photography, and / or restoration. A museum culture was established; history repeated itself, again.

The implementation of new, more forceful, more visible strategies was required. Plans were developed for a stronger summer campaign to capitalize on new ground, code named: Gelati.

By the end of the year, complete withdrawal would be necessary; rapid excavation would reveal what, if anything, remained.

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