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Being  in Place

Being in Place, The Highs and Lows of Sited Practices
24 and 25 Nov 2016, University of Dundee

Dr Hayden Lorimer, keynote speaker, University of Glasgow, Chair of Cultural Geography will present a lecture entitled 'The Future of Place', 24 November 2016.

As a preliminary to Dr Lorimer’s talk, PLaCE International Co-Director Mary Modeen will briefly reference Barbara Hurd’s Stirring the Mud (2008) in addressing the ‘lows’ of situated practices. Dr Iain Biggs, the other Co-Director, will briefly introduce the ‘highs’ of sited practice, with a text excerpt from Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain (2011).

‘High’ and ‘low’ have a geological connotation, but there are other readings of these two terms; emotive terminology, hierarchical references- both within and out with the academic world, and associated relative values are all possible understandings these comparative words. As they apply to creative practices linked to sites, or to interdisciplinary projects located in specific places, the multiple aspects of signification increase.

There is now a general Call for Papers to go out to the PLaCE International/Land2 membership, for up to 7 presentations to accompany this day on the 24th November in Dundee. Presentations should be about 20-25 minutes in length to allow for questions and answers.

Powerpoint presentations are easily accommodated, but presenters should feel free to share their work with attendees in other ways as well.*

Please send proposals of 250 words or less to: by 11 October.

The 25th November is the same topic, and will feature postgraduate presenters, mostly doctoral candidates. We hope that most people will be able to attend both days. 8 presenters from universities across the UK will be selected for relevant presentations. These talks will also cover similar ground, but will feature the emerging artists, scholars, activists and makers who are concerned with sited practices.

Attendance to both days is welcome and open, but a £4 fee will be requested for refreshments each day. Lunches will be up to each attendee, and may be taken on campus or in neighbouring city cafes.

An exhibition will be held in association with this conference at the Meadowmills building in the Dundee WASPS studio. On Thursday evening after the day’s presentations we will open the show Being In Place. A Call For Proposed Artworks, which broadly follow this topic, is also a part of this announcement.

Please send your images and/or brief descriptions or proposals, along with dimensions or space requirements, to: no later than 11 October 2016.

Mary Modeen

* Map of Dundee University Campus (pdf)

* Presenters and exhibitors will be required to provide their own travel funds for   themselves and their artworks.

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