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PLaCE Visiting Speaker Series 2012 -13 : Ciara Healy and Davina Kirkpatrick

Owain Jones & Antony Lyons
Immergence, Ailbhe Ní Bhriain (2005)
PLaCE/LAND2 Speaker Series 2012-2013
Thursday 28th February 2013
Running Time: 1:33.56mins

Ciara Healy and Davina Kirkpatrick : she wonders/wanders...two short lectures and a conversation

Ciara Healy
will explore the risks associated with rejecting an indigenous perspective to embrace a more globalized technological mind-set. Healy’s current research is attempting to uncover the extent to which artists and curators on the margins, both geographically and culturally, might offer a fresh perspective where words such as magic, wonder, enchantment, indigenous, visceral, revolutionary and thin might be applied in ways that contemplate existence within one dynamic whole; that of a collective consciousness. The practices of a selection of visual artists and curators based in the West of Ireland and Wales attempting to invoke a Thin Place within Visual Culture will be discussed in this paper. Their images capture a sense of demise or the precipice of decay and in doing so they start to embody a portal between life and death, a Thin Place. This, she argues, is an exciting place to situate oneself creatively, as it offers an opportunity to be re-enchanted back into an overlooked landscape.

Davina Kirkpatrick will explore the differences between an imagined doctoral process and the actuality of the first few months of PhD study; how a lacuna can help one see what is there and what the most interesting ambiguities and paradoxes are arising from her early explorations of the possibility of holding both remembering and forgetting and of co-creating new re-memberance. The title of her research proposal is Stories, lost voices and absence through loss and landscapes; a practice-based study of personal grief narratives and collaborative projects. The current incarnation of her research question is; Can personal grief narratives, explored through contemporary arts practice and the collaborative, performative act result in access into the restorative space of mourning between what continues to exist, and what is missing in the physical world?.

Ciara Healy is a writer, curator and book artist and was one of the 2012 recipients of the Wales Arts International & Axis Critical Writing Award and is in her first year of her PhD at UWE, Bristol titled: ‘Power, Periphery and the Pulse of Place.’

Davina Kirkpatrick’s career spans theatre design, public art and collaborative inter-disciplinary projects with the discipline of training in architectural glass, vitreous enamel. She completed her MA in Multi Disciplinary Print at University of the West of England, which formed the basis of her current doctoral research.

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