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In drawing, the term
hatch refers to the gesture of mark-making that results in accumulations of closely drawn parallel lines to describe areas of tone or shade. But the word hatch also carries additional layers of meaning - meanings that have to do with notions of opening, emergence, incubation, as well as the devising of plots and plans. All such paths can be found in drawing. Drawing leads with the eyes and the hands to record wonder, solve puzzles, map out directions and solutions, expound on mysteries. The choice of the name HATCH for this project reflects a wish to enliven all definitions of the word.

To that end, we welcome any sense of drawing - process and outcome, traditional and experimental, manual and mechanical, universal and deeply personal. We are interested in a range of approaches that can encompass transcriptions of the known world as well as construct bridges towards the unknowable. Through craft and exchange, in building collaboration and networks, it is our goal to bring together drawing researchers and practitioners to explore and expand these themes.

We intend that HATCH be a forum for practical experimentation, collaborative initiatives, discussion and criticism, and exhibition and exposition. We hope to create and encourage an environment for drawing - and drawing research - that reflects the broadest investigation of methods and outcomes.

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