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Dr Alexandra Handal

Alexandra Handal investigates the interface between storytelling cultures and mapping traditions, creating works that dissolve the boundaries between high and low art, documentary and poetry, the written and spoken, research and imagination. She mixes methodologies from different disciplines developing a visual language that is informed by multiple perspectives. Her work breaks down the north-south and east-west dichotomies by disrupting dominant narratives and dismantling knowledge hierarchies. Handal uses a vernacular lexicon that is shaped outside and beyond the national imaginary to author subversive cartographies and narratives. She explores the site of memory for what it can convey through its revelations as well as its limitations. Fieldwork is a means for her to investigate how collective history transcends borders and can be discovered by universal human experiences, like shared loss. This is evident in the way she integrates her own memory to uncover suppressed histories and hidden geographies in the re-narration of oral testimonies transmitted to her.

Handal has a pluralistic practice, which includes digital media, printmaking, drawing, photography, painting, book art, creative interventions, writing, sound and film. Her upcoming web-based artwork, Dream Homes property consultants is shortlisted for the Artraker Award, UK (2013) and her short film, From the Bed & Breakfast Notebooks (2007-09) was selected for New Contemporaries 2009. Handal’s essay is included in Oral History in the Visual Arts ed. by Linda Sandino and Matthew Partington (Berg Publishers, 2013) and her artwork is featured in Richard Noyce’s, Printmaking Off the Beaten Track (A&C Black, London, Autumn 2013). She holds a practice/theory PhD from the University of the Arts London (2011) and was a recipient of the UAL Research Studentship Award, UK (2004). Since 2004, she is based in London and intermittently in Jerusalem. Handal is currently an artist-in-resident at ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik in Berlin.

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