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Professor Gini Lee

I am a landscape architect and interior designer and Professor of Landscape Architecture at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. My multidisciplinary research into the water landscapes of remote territories contributes to the scientific and cultural and indigenous understanding and management strategies for fragile landscapes through an ongoing project to map the waterholes, creek and springs along the Oodnadatta Track.

As the past Head of School at the University of South Australia I researched and lectured in spatial interior design and cultural and critical landscape architecture studies. There I was introduced to the remote areas of Central Australia and the arid landscapes and lives of the people who live in them with great resiliency. Over the past ten years I have worked and lived in the dry regions with rural settlements and properties and with aboriginal communities.

My PhD The Intention to Notice: the collection, the tour and ordinary landscapes, investigated ways in which designed landscapes are incorporated into the cultural understandings of individuals and communities. It also introduced me to the Deep Mapping projects of Michael Shanks and Mike Pearson. Most recently, my exhibition work Deep Mapping for the Stony Rises has opened as part of a group project The Stony Rises Project at the RMIT Gallery Melbourne. . This project is unfolding with each subsequent installation and engages with a number of collaborators in the emergence of a deep mapping across regions and practices.

Another focus emerging from the PhD is the Oratunga pastoral property in the high and arid country of South Australia. At Oratunga artists and designers, scientists and writers, and others as arrive, are invited to live in and experience these landscapes in order to make work around the Oratunga Project through collective or individual involvement. There are plans to make the place a foundation for art, ecology and design research.

am a registered landscape architect, executive editor of the IDEA Journal and a council member of the Queensland Heritage Council.

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