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Eleanor Flegg

I am a writer, based in Dublin. I am interested in the cultural history of work, in the way that the personal quest for meaningfulness evolves through the process of making, and how this relates to the physical and cultural landscape. Over the last few years I have written largely about contemporary craft, which has given me a framework to explore these ideas. I am also interested in old buildings as the physical embodiment of memory.

Current projects include my PhD with the University of Ulster, which looks at the complex, opportunistic relationship between Irish craft in the late twentieth century and the support systems that attempted to steer it. As an oral history, it attempts to honour the protagonists, avoid aesthetic hierarchies, and capture the laughter and heartbreak of those who contributed their stories.

Another recent project, The Introduction to the Architectural Heritage of County Wexford (2010), co-authored with Damian Murphy and published by the National Inventory of the Architectural Heritage, explores the way in which the history of a county can be told through its buildings and how the telling of this story might be used to create a sense of value in that heritage.

In 2010, I initiated the Dublin Craft Writers Group. This is an unaffiliated group of craftspeople who have an interest in writing about craft, who find that it is now expected of them, and who want to improve their skills in this regard. I like this project because it evolved in response to a need, is great fun, and didn’t cost anybody anything.

In 2011 I will present the radio series, Farrell and Flegg’s Crafty Capers, with Laura Farrell, on RTE Lyric FM, 2011. The series looks at the role of craft in Ireland’s built environment in the aftermath of the property boom.

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Eleanor Flegg
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