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PLaCE Visiting Speaker Series 2012 -13 : Louisa Fairclough

Louisa Fairclough 'Bore Song'
PLaCE/LAND2 Speaker Series 2012-2013
Thursday 8th November 2012
Running Time: 1:09:06mins

Louisa Fairclough : Song of Grief: a body of work made along the River Severn

Louisa Faircloughs’ practice is rooted in landscape with the processes of drawing and field recording at the core of her research. The catalyst for her work has been cycling to the Severn to sleep on the river bank, “there is something compelling about the river and the act of sleeping on the ground, and feeling the energy from the earth and the pull of the tidal river”.

Fairclough works with drawings, film and sound. Her drawings are made with pencil, watercolour and spit onto gesso panels. One of these drawings,
Ground Truth, a geographic term for a type of field research of going to a point located on a satellite image in order to verify and come to know that place. Her field recordings also document the experience of being in a place over time and are often made in collaboration with sound recordist Christine Felce. Together they return to sites Fairclough has “ear-marked” along the river.

The process of recording and drawing run parallel to Fairclough’s work and she uses the medium of 16mm film in a physical, sensate and sculptural way. Sound is at the core of the film-sculptures: be it a single note sung into the river at the moment of the bore tide passing or a shout of grief across the water. The 16mm film sculptures are orchestrated one in relation to the other, and together
Bore Song and Song of Grief form a minor sixth chord. This ongoing body of work is an elegy to her sister.

Currently she is working with the choristers at Gloucester Cathedral in collaboration with composer Richard Glover on a series of performances using sustained and overlapping pitches.
Bore Song and Song of Grief will be shown at Camden Art Centre throughout February 2013 as part of Film in Space curated by Guy Sherwin, and the entire body of work will form a solo show at Gloucester Cathedral in November 2013.

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