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Patrick Dillon

My research is in cultural ecology. I am concerned with interactions between people and their environments which give rise to generative, transactional, relational and co-constitutional ways of knowing and being. We shape and are shaped by our environments: nature and culture, mind and body are inseparable. I am especially interested in the cultural ecology of education and my work ranges across creativity, cultural education, design education, e-learning, environmental education, heritage education, second language learning and situated learning.
The mandorla is the almond shape formed at the intersection of two circles. I use it as a visual metaphor for my work in cultural ecology. There is a constant interplay between our immediate experiences and how we know the world. The three arrows arranged as a triangle in the left hand circle represent our immediate experiences. The moment we experience something we make connections with what we already know and feel, the relational constructs and emotions that define our personal history. The three arrows arranged as a star in the right hand circle represent how we know the world. The mandorla reflects how experience and understanding are constantly reforming each other.

My photography is a reflection of my cultural ecological word view. I photograph abstract images that catch my attention. These images evoke relational shapes, forms and feelings. This is abstraction emerging in the mandorla; the experience of the moment shaping and being shaped by our understanding of the world, the interconnectedness represented in the intersection of the two circles

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