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Project Dialogue

Project Dialogue is a transdisciplinary research group within the department of Art and Design at the University of the West of England. Founded in 2005, the primary aim of Project Dialogue is to enquire into the commonalities and differences in the practices and research methodologies of art and science with a view to creating more flexible research approaches.

Our first symposium ‘Transdisciplinary Landscapes: Dialogues between art and science’, co-convened with PLaCE in 2006, attracted arts and science practitioners from across the UK. We now have a visiting ‘Scientist in Residence’ who regularly engages with departmental research staff to explore new sites of discourse and to stimulate novel projects. Out of this has grown a seminar series aimed primarily at postgraduate arts students with a number of invited speakers from a range of arts and science disciplines. Research staff associated with Project Dialogue also undertake doctoral research supervision and governance and are presently editing and contributing to a multi-author book on ‘Art, science and cultural contention’.

Project Dialogue exists to explore the many ‘fault lines’ between the intellectual tectonic plates of science, philosophy and art. Areas such as: sustainable intellectual environments; memory, identity and cognition; epistemology, senses and perception all fall within our range of interests. We have a particular concern with exploring the potentially rich confluence of art and science pedagogies and methodologies in order to explore novel forms of curricula, teaching and research. Many of the most extensive changes in our environment can be attributed to scientific endeavour, whilst the arts play a singular role in regulating and shaping our cultural responses to the world. To what extent are our physical perceptions of the world influenced by the intellectual models we individually and collectively adopt? How do our frameworks of ‘truth concepts’ influence our scientific and artistic imagination? Can the study of the singularity of artistic and scientific creation unfold hidden dimensions within which thought processes reside, and could these maps of the imagination become the atlas of collective knowledge and shared experience?

The co-founders of Project Dialogue are Barbara Hawkins and Dr Brett Wilson, and members include academics from arts, science and philosophy departments from across a number of UK institutions.

Project Dialogue
Neutrino trails by Frédérique Swist (2009)
Digital print on Somerset Photo Smooth 300gsm,
800 x 800 mm, limited edition of 15

Artistic composition inspired by experiments for the detection of neutrino trails in heavy-water solar-neutrino detectors.
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