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PLaCE Visiting Speaker Series 2012 -13 : Iain Biggs, Stephen Robins & Mel Shearsmith

detail, Iain Biggs (2012)
PLaCE/LAND2 Speaker Series 2012-2013
Thursday 28th March 2013
Running Time: 1:05:08mins

In Process: all that stops your memory from turning to ash in my mouth is…
Iain Biggs offers a visual/verbal ‘mapping’ of preoccupations he has shared with members of the PLaCE International Research network over the last few years. Drawing on concepts from Celtic and Dakota cultures to broaden our usual ways of thinking, he will discuss both existing reference points and a new way of thinking about PLaCE International’s work by locating it within a broader ‘community of transverse action’. He will also indicate how that community has informed and influenced some of the projects he is currently involved in through working in post-disciplinary and extra-academic contexts.

All that stops your memory from turning to ash in my mouth is… a performance paper co-authored by Iain Biggs, Mel Shearsmith and Stephen Robins. The paper is a collaborative conversation exploring the river Avon in Bristol, its surroundings and dissections. Resonating memories emerge and float on its surface; ghosts, memories, traces and aspects of our personal and the city’s historical memory co-mingle to create another, temporary narrative.

Memories flood into place and place pushes recollections to the surface; emotive, somatic and experiential happenings evoked and invoked – recalling the layers, surfaces and depths that encourage body-memory and to bring something other into the work of academic research.

Dr Iain Biggs works as a teacher/artist/researcher at UWE, Bristol. He set up and is an editor of Wild Conversations Press; is the outgoing Director of PLaCE (UWE); and acts as a co-ordinator of the LAND2, PLaCE International, and Mapping Spectral Traces networks.

Dr Stephen Robins is an independent academic and live artist. His work has been been programmed by the Arnolfini Gallery and InBetweenTime productions. Robins has performed with Anthony Howell (New Theatre of Mistakes, 2001), Mike Pearson (Pearson and Brookes, 2004) and La Pocha Nostra (2007).

Mel Shearsmith is a PhD researcher at the University of Worcester investigating the ‘ghost’ impact of performance on place. Her video and performance work has been programmed by Place (London), Mamu gallery (Budapest) and the Arnolfini Gallery (Bristol) and she is a member of FORMAT, Mapping Spectral Traces network and PLaCE International.

Image, top: detail, Iain Biggs (2012)

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