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Sue Ball

Sue Ball is a curator/producer and director of Media and Arts Partnership (MAAP) who has been working in social and public settings for over 20 years. She has a particular interest in working across disciplines, specifically with sound and the social network as a context for cultural activism and informal learning.

Sue recently concluded a national interdisciplinary research programme, Ways of Hearing, into the act of listening and the relationship of the listener to their world. Commissioned by Sound and Music, it sought to encourage a subjective contemplation of the experience of listening and broaden an understanding, on both personal and professional levels, of how we understand and shape the city through a directly sensory engagement with the people, places and spaces of the contemporary urban environment. With national partners ARUP and Blueprint Design, and local partners Arnolfini, Architecture Centre Bristol, Opera North and London Metropolitan University, 30 practitioners embarked on a 3-month action research programme which incorporated learning sets as a structure for peer review. Ways of Hearing established an informal, but potent, practice-based learning context which continues to generate spin-off research programmes and collaborative practice between commercial/academic/arts agencies.

She has worked with notable artists in the fields of public practice and sound including Wockenklusur (City Co-operation, Holbeck: 2005-06), Hans Peter Kuhn (major sound and light installation, Light Neville Street 2006-09); Bill Fontana (the transformative nature of sound in regeneration Birmingham University/Arts Council England 2005-07), Black Dogs (Tower Works 2008-09). She has co-produced a number of city festivals including Situation Leeds 2005 artist-led responses to the public realm, and Expo Leeds 2009 with Sound and Music, a four day programme of sonic art and experimental music in public space. Sue was Artistic Director of Pavilion Media Arts from 1996-2000.

Sue is currently working in Eastside Birmingham with developer ISIS Waterside Regeneration on their Warwick Bar site, to create the conditions for its sustainable use through a total systems approach and adoption of permaculture principles. Partners include Ikon, Birmingham Visual Arts Forum and Colliers International.

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Sue Ball
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