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PLaCE Visiting Speaker Series 2010-11: Rachel Sweeney

Christine Baeumler - Towards an Empathic Vision of Place
PLaCE/LAND2 Speaker Series 2010-2011
Thursday 17th March 2011

Professor Christine Baeumler - Towards an Empathic Vision of Place
Can art play a role in fostering empathic witnessing and motivating ecological stewardship? If art has the power to shape or alter our perceptions, can this shift change our attitudes and influence our actions towards the natural world? Christine Baeumler explores these questions in her dual practice as a studio and public environmental artist.

Ecological phenomenologists argue for the necessity of a deeper sensory experience of the natural world. In a quest for direct experiences and a deeper understanding of complex ecological issues and by placing herself in the role of observer (in remote World Heritage sites), she shadowed the practices of earlier naturalist explorers who traveled to investigate unfamiliar species and habitats.

Christine Baeumler is artist and an Associate Professor in the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota. Baeumler is currently the Artist-in- Residence in two watershed districts in Minnesota under the auspices of Public Art Saint Paul. Her work focuses on themes of loss and recovery, with the diminishment of ecosystems and species, but also the extinction of human experience of these environments.

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