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Dr Suze Adams

Dr Suze Adams is an independent artist, writer and lecturer. Her research is interdisciplinary in nature: it includes visual and scholarly practice, and reflects a number of interests drawn from a range of sources all bound together by a common theoretical and methodological focus.

Adams enduring fascination with the phenomenological landscape complements a longstanding interest in the haptic and embodied dimensions of our relationship with/in the world. Building on her early training as a fine artist, and more recent practice in lens-based media and performance, her work has grown to incorporate ideas drawn from cultural geography and affect theory as well as feminist philosophies, and to explore ways that such approaches to fieldwork can broaden understandings of practice as well as both visual and textual re-presentation of the experiential landscape. This research into the lived environment is centred on ways that the perception of landscape, and of landscape imagery, is shaped and informed by embodied experience.

In addition to more theory-driven work, for the past ten years Adams has been working on an extensive project located on the Hebridean Isle of Mull (home to her maternal ancestors). Building on oral histories as well as archival research, the project explores and examines landscapes throughout the parish of Kilninnian and Kilmore in the north-western peninsula of the island. With a particular focus on notions of home, and the underlying tensions between longing and belonging, her work sits between fact and fiction, memory and imagination. The constant presence of water on Mull (loch, burn, bog and sea) has penetrated the work and becomes a metaphor for passage and transience - the passing of time, the transience of the body/bodies.

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